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New comic for RND: Marshmallow Effect

June 5, 2016

A new comic for about the perils of food with ‘bounce’. Real Nomal Diet Comic on the Marshmallow Effect

I’m really excited about how this one came out! I like the A4 format, but it did make me crop a bit off the bottom when I put it on Instagram. Comics are so fun to work on.I’m considering re-theming my whole site with more of an illustrated/comic vibe.

What’s your all time favorite comic? Mine is Garfield. I used to always read the Sunday comics section and if anyone walked by I’d say, “I’m just reading the BUSINESS section.” But since we don’t buy the paper, I don’t get Sunday funnies anymore.

I had my own short lived comic strip in the school paper in junior college called ‘For the Birds’. The school mascot was a cardinal so my main character was a cardinal going to a bird college. All the campus was made out of bird houses. In one strip I had birds going to a biology class with a worm dissected. One bird leans over to another bird and whispers, “Biology lab makes me hungry.” :^)

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