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Free Ebook on using Pattern Brushes

May 3, 2016


In this E-Book I’ve laid out my best tips, tricks, advice, and tutorials on using pattern brushes in Adobe Illustrator that i’ve picked up over the last 13 years. From my very first rope brush to today I’ve created hundreds and many more graphic styles and photoshop styles as well. Click Here to View and Download Now!

The guide starts with a ‘quick start Guide’ to get you up and running fast, followed by a ‘working with Photoshop’ section and closes with a lengthy ‘advanced techniques’ section. Below is a list of topics covered.

Quick Start Guide 1-3
Viewing Brushes   1
Loading & Saving Brushes   1
Parts of a Pattern Brush  2
Applying a Pattern Brush   2
Resizing a Brush   2
A Warning About Brushes   2
Scaling Objects with Brushes   3
Expanding a Brush   3

Working with Photoshop 4 – 5
Using AI Brushes in Photoshop   4
Create Paths for the Brushes   4
About Sending ‘Brushed’ Art to PS   4
Sending it to Photoshop   4
Anti-Alias or Non   4
Making Adjustments in PS   5
Edititng the Vector Object in Illustrator   5
Rasterizing the Brush   5
Adding Layer Eects & Filters   5

Advanced Techniques 6 – 14
Changing the Color of a Brush   6 – 8
Adjusting Color Balance   6
Changing Colorization Method   6
Duplicating A Brush   7
Global and Spot Colors   8
Changing the Direction of the Brush   9
Why are There Sometimes Gaps   9
Combatting the Gaps   9 – 11
Anti-Aliasing   10
Finishing Touches on Brushed Paths   11 – 12
In Front and Behind Trick   12 – 13
Brush Width Tool   13
Adding Effects   14
Closing Thoughts   14

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