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Life will knock you down…

December 2, 2015
Get Back Up

Life will knock you down… Get back up. -Football University

American Football, so violent, so traumatic. The concussions, the injuries. How many blown knees, elbows? But if there is one thing football preaches and we listen to, it is this: Get Back Up! So we continue, putting lives on the line. For it is more than a game, it is Football.

Is it too Dangerous? Maybe. The kids start tackle football so young. We’ve told one of our sons no repeatedly. The risk of concussions definatly scares me. I thought my parents were paranoid when they wouldn’t let me play in junior high. One of my dad’s friends was seriously injured, I think. It sounds like a much sounder strategy now that I’m the dad. It will be interesting to see if my feelings change as my three boys move into 7th grade and beyond.

I‘d love to hear your thoughts, just leave a comment below or drop me a private line.

,Steven: Dad of three boys and maker of Adobe tools and graphics


BTW, I made this graphic with my new football letters and numbers set. All the stuff to create this and lots more is included. Check it out Here. Soooo fun to use!

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