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How do you change the color of the rope brush? (Adobe Illustrator)

November 14, 2015

Change The Color Of Rope Brush AI

How do you change the color of the rope? I need more of a gold, like on a crown royal bag. Thanks. Other than that is great and easy to use. – ladyrider12

Great Question LR,

That’s a great idea for an item update too, multiple color breaks… I like it. This is already my best seller and that would make it even better. I find this process very fun.

In the meanwhile here is what you need to do. First off, You do not have to expand to do this. If you are familiar with the color balance in Photoshop this one works is a little more basic. I wish it was more like the PS one, but it still works well. Some color transformations are easier to do in CMYK some are easier in RGB. You may need copy the object to a new document and change color spaces, this change though will work in either so you can do it right in your file.

Select the object you want to recolor. This works in CMYK mode and RGB mode a little differently. Lets look at CMYK first. Go to Edit/ Edit Colors/ Adjust Color Balance…

Change Color Tut  Adjust Color Balance

This will bring up the ‘Adjust Colors’ panel. Make sure the adjust Options have the ‘Stroke’ checked and that ‘Preview’ is checked. Since my rope is brown we first need to take out all the blue by sliding the arrow to -100. This will make it kind of pink. Lessen the red to -30. then bump up the yellow to 46. The black should be fine. This should get you very close to your desired look, play with the sliders from here to get it just how you want it. Fun right? Man, now I want to make a bunch of colors.

Change Color to CMYK

Here’s the other thing I love, Illustrator automatically creates a new brush in the brushes window when you do this. See it there right below the original. I can now go over and rename it Gold Rope if i wanted. You can even save a new brush file with your custom colors! Sorry… geeking out on Adobe Illustrator just a bit.

Well That’ll do it, but let’s go ahead and look at the other color space. I was in CMYK, to switch go to File/Document Color Mode/ RGB

Change Color Mode

This will again bring up the ‘Adjust Colors’ panel. But this time we only have three color channels: Red, Blue and Green. I’m used to thinking in terms of CMYK color so this one is less intuitive to me, but even more fun. this panel has much more power to change colors in RGB mode. Try Red 18, Green 24 and Blue -12 as a starting point.

Change Color to RGB

Thanks for the question and the GREAT idea LR,

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