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Entertaining your kids at work: Post-It Note Flip Book

October 30, 2015

Though it is rare, sometimes my kids end up at the office after school for one reason or another. Maybe they get out of school early or their mother is out of town, but they end up spending some time in the break room waiting for me to get off. Though there is a TV in there, I like them to have plenty to do so that they stay busy and occupied. This usually consists of saving scrap papers and materials for them to doodle on or whatever.


I really enjoyed this one though, Post-It Note flip books. I let each kid take a post it stack and create a flip book. As long as they stick to the bottom half of the page they work great. Just change the picture slightly from note to note and leave them all attached. They seemed to really enjoy it, but the best unexpected part was that now I have their little doodles on my post-it notes and I get to see their handy work unfold with each one I use and peal off. It didn’t waste any material because I can still use the post-it notes for work.

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  1. November 12, 2015 10:20 pm

    I’ve also been saving some material scraps at work that make great building blocks. They are the material left from cutting the handles out of our cutting boards. Kaden is having a ball with them. After having only white ones, he’s pretty excited that we’ve started doing black ones too. Now he tells me that there can be opposing forces bases.


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