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10 Things I Love about using Post-Its for Thumbnail Sketches

October 7, 2015

Post-It notes make for perfect thumbnail drawings at the beginning of a project! Here’s a recent design where I employed this technique to quickly try out some design ideas…


Ten things I love about using Sticky notes for this.

  1. If you hate one you can trash it
  2. They come in a variety of sizes
  3. A variety of colors means you never have to stare at a blank page
  4. You can composite your favorites onto a sheet
  5. You can stick your favorites on the sides of your monitor
  6. You can try lots of things very quickly
  7. If you want a more permanent record you can photocopy the sheet of post-its
  8. The small size keeps you from getting carried away, forcing you to work small
  9. Small drawing help capture the gestalt
  10. Face it sticky notes are just fun to use. (notice the flip book animation one of my kids did earlier-Priceless)

…and below is the finished T-shirt design ZacBrownBandBackArtFlat

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