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What is the miter limit?

September 17, 2015

In adobe illustrator the miter limit is a key setting for stokes. Photoshop doesn’t have miter limits because photoshop doesn’t do mitered (sharp) corners. All strokes in photoshop are rounded.

When Miter Limits turn good art bad.

When Miter Limits turn good art bad.

Think of the corners on a picture frame; those are mitered. The trouble comes when the corner gets sharper and sharper. As the angle gets closer and closer to 180 degrees the sharp corner can shoot clear off the page! (as in the example above) One way to avoid this is using rounded corners; then miter limits aren’t an issue. What the limit does is tell adobe illustrator where to crop off the pointy corner. The smaller the limit allows for some sharp corners but saves you from the dramatic ones that shoot out into the stratosphere. Setting the limit to four seems to work well for most files.

Next time you get an art file with some crazy spikes coming out of it that look totally out if place, it’s probably a miter limit issue.

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