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Why do my cut paths keep getting clipped on the Roland cutter?

September 5, 2015

When setting up production files for vinyl we used to be stumped on this one. Why do some cut paths get clipped? The bottom of a straight path or bottom of a curve often won’t cut leaving an annoying gap.

Here’s why. When the art set up in illustrator is imported into Roland it crops down to the art work size. If you are doing graphics with bleed on all sides it works fine, but if not or if you are setting up cut only files with no print you are in trouble because when it crops down it often crops into the cut paths and leaves areas that won’t cut.

The solution is simple always have bleed or in other words if you don’t have bleed on all four sides just throw a white box behind the art that is a little bigger than the cut paths. Make your art board match this size and presto, no more clipped cuts!

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