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Why do thin lines look funny in the new CC 2015 Adobe Illustrator?

July 21, 2015

Excited that I found an answer for this today at work! It has been bugging me since I upgraded to the new CC2015. Suddenly the view seems to have lost its anti-aliasing quality that helps render thin lines and small text in the on-screen preview. As a temporary measure I had been changing the view setting from GPU to CPU preview, which works fine, but you have to do it every time (annoying). To ‘permanently fix it’ you need go into the preferences drop down in Illustrator to the GPU performance settings page and uncheck ‘GPU performance’.

So why did Adobe do this anyhow? Well it’s supposed to be an upgrade in 2015: faster rendering and farther and faster zooming and panning. I may find a need at some point to zoom in closer or something and want to turn it back on, but for now i’m just thrilled to have my view ‘back to normal’. It may work differently on your computer because it depends on your graphics processor, but at my work we run a variety of macs that had the same issues as me.

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