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Stars & Stripes PS Styles

February 2, 2015

It’s a Star Spangled, Stripe Waving Extravaganza!


This american flag Photoshop Style set contains 15 Patriotic Looks. Apply them to your text, art, shapes, vector objects or masked layers with Just One click! Stars & Stripes Styles are Great for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Flag Day, Olympics, Sports, Military, Parades, Scouting and all other USA Themes. They are great for Fliers, Web Graphics, Print Graphics, Cards, Ads, Sales, Promotional Materials, Motion Graphics, Posters, Logos, Primitive Shapes, Borders, Graphic Elements and More.

All individual elements of the style can be varied, omitted, added to or mixed and matched in layer styles from the Layers window. To scale all the effects proportionally at once use the drop down menu Layer/Layer Style/ Scale Effects and adjust the scale.Styles work well with 150 pt text at 300-600dpi, but can be scaled to work well bigger or smaller with scale effects.


• Styles ASL file

• 2 Sample Files

• Instructions Doc (Includes fonts used links)

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