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Human Tracks Photoshop Brush Kit

January 26, 2015

Follow that man, woman or child!


This high quality set contains 10 track types: Bare, Flat, Child, Baby, High Heel, Cowboy Boot, Sneaker, Sport Shoe, Flipflop and Work Boot. Also included are four one click styles to give your prints an imprint depth effect at four levels: shallow, medium, deep and stuck in the mud. Use the imprint styles to leave prints over sand, dirt, concrete, snow, or any other surface. Foot tracks are Great for Hiking, Running, Mystery, Shopping, Western, Baby, Children’s, Winter, Family, and many other Themes. The bushes look great at all sizes with instant results. The Styles are set up for 1000 pt brush size tracks and are easily modified from the appearance panel.  They are great for Fliers, Web Graphics, Print Graphics, Cards, Ads, Sales, Promotional Materials, Motion Graphics, Posters, Logos, Primitive Shapes, Borders, Graphic Elements and More.

These Brushes can be used to create footprint trails in two main ways. You can select a brush, select brush size then simply click and drag to create prints that follow your pen or mouse movements you can alsocreate a path and use the ‘stroke path with brush’ command to apply the foot type and size that you have selected. You can use the footprints as flat graphic elements for graphic design elements or you can convert your new trail into an impression effect with the included styles! (If you wish to use the impression styles, I suggest using a black foreground color when creating the trail, that will make the layer mode of screen render your trail invisible and only show the style effects).  You can easily click though and try all four impression effects to find the depth you desire. Each element of the effect can be customized individually in the layer styles window or you can scale the whole effect withe the drop down feature ‘Layer/ Layer Style/ Scale Effect’. You can also easily create single prints from stamping any brush once or from the included vector file containing all ten footprint types. Depth affects can be applied to these just as easily.

• Brush ABR file
• Imprint Depth Styles ASL file
• Footprint assets in vector art EPS file
• Instructions Doc

Now go blaze a trail of Fantastic Feet!

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