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Music Note Brush Set +

June 19, 2014

There’s Music in the air…   or there will be if you use one of these brushes!


This set of Music Note Brushes includes 6 unique variations: Blank staff, Random eight notes, Random heart notes, Twisty Music, Wavy Music and Flag wave music. Be the Maestro and direct the music by changing paths into strokes Musical Masterpieces with Just one click! These layered burshes use the best of both pattern and scatter brushes to generate beautiful, random, non-repeating results. They are surprisingly powerful and fun to use.

This set includes Ready-Made objects in high quality vector (live and expanded) and Raster of all types(with transparency): Circle, Rectangle, Straight length and Curved length. There is also a BONUS  file containing all the musical symbols used plus a few more!

Baton Ready….  and Conduct!

(‘Read Me’ Doc including installation instructions and User instruction included.)

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