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Tradigital Art Day

January 3, 2014

MillionSalesI’ve been dreaming of the day that they announce ‘tradigital art day’ on the Envato Marketplace. That’s what the do when you sell your first million dollars of product. Given that I’ve only sold 7,000 dollars of product so far… and over the course of 2 plus years, that goal still seems way off in the distance.

But I have thought alot about it. I’ve even started working on my accompanying interview. They gennerally ask the same basic questions: Congratulations on becoming a Power Elite Author. Can you tell us a little bit about the history of Tradigital Art? Well it started after being laid off after seven years as an illustrator at Lisa Frank. In the year that followed I pursued many directions… How does if teel to have sold over $1,000,000 of items? Unbelievably Great…   … and so on.

The power elite club is still pretty small, but growing new members all the time. Not to mention that people that have broken that ceiling have started to sell their second million! Did I mention that they send you a ring? I haven’t finished answering all the questions yet. Like: What is your office space like? I try to project the answers into the future as though i’ve already acomplished it, but questions like this. For now I do most of my work on the recliner downstairs after putting the kids to bed. i kick the recliner back and  put a pillow between me and the warm macbook pro. I’ve taken lately to putting a kid size fleecy blanket over my feet and turning on my ‘make me laugh’ station on Pandora (comic music like Ray Steven’s and Weird Al mixed with stand up by Jim Gaffagin, Kevin Nealon and the like). I do this several nights a week from some time after Nine till after 11.

Announcing ‘Tradigital Art Day!’… boy I do sooooo like the sound of that.

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