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Tough Guy AI Brush Bundle

December 18, 2013

Cowboy Up with this Manly Bundle of Brush Sets!


This  bundle includes a great deal on three highly detailed brush sets: Rope Brush (my best seller), Barbed Wire Brushes and Chain Brushes (all supplied with ready made graphic assets). All three types are easy to use (One Click) Pattern Brushes and are complete with inside/outside corners and ends. They are also easy to modify and produce fun and amazing results. All assets are also provided in HQ vector (ai & eps) and raster (psd & png).

Rope Brush Set Details: Yee Haw, saddle up some western fun with this highly detailed natural rope pattern brush set. It comes with 9 Ready to use rope objects (shown in the preview pick) including: Star, Oval, Rectangle, Loopy borders, a rectangular border with a reef knot at bottom, Rectangle with overhand knot corners and loose rope border. These rope objects are provided in an editable CS5 version and expanded versions compatible down to CS. You are sure to have a roping good time!

Barbed Wire Brush Set: Ouch, Don’t Hurt yourself on these razor sharp Assets. This set of Barbed Wire brushes comes in two stock colors silver and rusted. There are a few variations provided: two corner types (clipped and tied) and a choice of straight segments (one or two unique barbs), these come in handy for different applications. Also included are 9 Ready to use Barbed Wire objects including: Star, Oval, Rectangle, Loopy, Double Loopy, rectangular border, Roll and Sign in both color variations.

Chain Brush Set: This brush set is Off The Chain! They come in three pre-colored variations: Silver, Copper and Gold (You can also quickly adjust the color if needed). Ready made assets include: Circle, Star, Heart, Rectangle, Rounded corner Rectangle, and Straight length (in all 3 color types).

(‘Read Me’ Doc including installation instructions and User instruction included.)

These file are available for separate purchase below:




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