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New Ladies Night Ai Brush Bundle for Sale on GR!

November 30, 2013


Celebrate Ladies night with this set of three girly greats!

This set features a great deal on some of my best sellers: chain jewelry brush set, Lace brushes set and Strand of Pearls Set. That’s 29 fabulous Brushes in all!

Easy to Use, Easy to Modify, Fun and Amazing Results.

Chain Jewelry Brush Set Details:

Bling it out! Quickly and easily add chain jewelry to your characters or accessories. Included are ten styles of gold chain jewelry. Each chain has and ‘end cap’ to avoid having a ‘chopped off’ look on the ends. A multitude of different metals can easily be achieved by desaturating and tinting.

Lace Brush Set Details:

Oo La La. With these super detailed vector lace trim brushes you can quickly and easily add some sexy ‘Pop’ to your designs. As AI brushes the lace automatically scales and changes color by changing the paths stroke weight and color.

Pearl Brush Set Details:

Classy! This set Pearl brushes offers a variety of ‘one click’ colors and styles including: White Pearls, Gold Pearls, Peach Pearls, Gray Pearls, Navy Pearls, Black Pearls, Big & Small Pearls, Tri-color Pearls, Dark multicolor Pearls, Two color Pearls and Black and Silver Pearls. This set features “Layered Brushes”; this method packages multiple layers of brushes into a graphic style. Endless color and style variations are easy to create.

(‘Read Me’ Doc including installation instructions and User instruction included.)

These file are available for separate purchase below:




The following Tutorial focuses on how to use brushes to create jewelry in Adobe Illustrator. It guides you through a fashion illustration job and explains more about what a pattern brush is, how to modify them and how to create your own bush variations.

Lesson hosted by Steven Crawley of TradigitalArt (Me).

Check out another of my bundles!


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