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New Christmas Lights brush set

December 2, 2012

Deck the halls by turning your paths or shapes into strands of Christmas lights with one click!


This set has 6 different varieties of light (Red, Red & Green, Green, Yellow & Green, Blue with white cord, White with white cord.)

‘Layered brushes’ use the power of the appearance panel to package multiple layers of brushes into a graphic style (to install them you do need to place the file designated ‘graphic style’ into Illustrator’s graphic style folder). All settings such as size, spacing, rotation and scatter are further customizable through the appearance window. (The cord is a pattern brush and the lights are scatter brushes.)

Some assets have already been set up and saved as live, expanded and raster: straight lengths of each, looped sections, ovals, Rectangle, as well as the cord and each type of light isolated.

Due to the embedding of a pattern brush in a graphic style, these brushes only work as live brushes down to version CS5 .

These layered brushes make lighting up your Christmas designs a snap.

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