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Using Graphic Style to create a layered pearl brush

May 14, 2012

Layered Brushes: This method packages multiple layers of brushes into a graphic style. In this case one problem with having the pearls as a standard brush is that you don’t have much control over the orientations of the highlights vs the reflections of the pearls on either side. As a traditional pattern brush the highlights flip upside down and sideways when you apply it to a circle (Killing the realism)

Not only do layered brushes fix that problems, they also provide lots of options in color( like two color, three color and multicolor strands). You can also make style variations like big and small. That’s why I think of layered brushes as ‘brushes on steroids’.

This set of 11 Pearl brushes is my newest item for sale on Graphic River. It offers a variety of ‘one click’ pearl necklace colors and styles including: White Pearls, Gold Pearls, Peach Pearls, Gray Pearls, Navy Pearls, Black Pearls, Big & Small Pearls, Tri-color Pearls, Dark multicolor Pearls, Two color Pearls and Black and Silver Pearls. Endless color and style variations are easy to create. You don’t have to worry about how it works, you can just create a path and apply the layered brush to get a strand of pearls!

So whether it’s multi-strand pearl necklaces, bracelets or some other kind of pearl accent, this is the perfect set to help you get your pearl on.

(‘Read Me’ Doc including installation instructions and User instruction included.)

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