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New Concertina Barb Wire Brush Set for AI

October 6, 2015

Don’t get caught on the wrong side of this wire!


Click the photo above or here to purchase today.

Nothing says HIGH SECURITY like concertina wire. This set of Adobe Illustrator pattern brushes has a single and double coil variation complete with neccisary corners and ends. Create razor sharp accents and elements for War, Prison, Military, History any other Security theme that could use a little extra ‘Keep Out’ flair.

These vector brushes are highly detailed and scalable. They are perfect for web design, print, packaging, fliers, promotional materials and more. Sample shapes are also included: straight, s-curve-rectangle and oval of both types (Vector and Raster). These brushes are super easy to use and create Amazing Results! You can also paste these shapes into Adobe Photoshop as Smart Objects to retain full scalability and editability.

Set Includes:

• Example file with all straight, s-curve-rectangle and oval of both types

• Instructions & Suggestion Doc

• Install File

• Brushes work from version 10 and up!

Break out of boring designs!

If regular barbed wire is more your speed try this! (click here or the Photo Below)


Free Christmas Wreath Graphic from TradigitalArt

October 5, 2015

Tis the season to be Jolly! An early Christmas present from Me. 

This Wreath was created using my Garland/Wreath Layered Brushes Set for Adobe Illustrator (Click here to check out the brush set) This graphic is an unaltered, randomly generated result of using this tool! Get the set today to make your own garland wreath creations in four styles. (More info on the set below)


Click the picture Above or Here to go to the ultra high quality transparent PNG graphic! (2,500px x 2,500px) Free for private and commercial uses. Not for resale. ©TradigitalArt 2015

Decking the halls has never been this fun and easy!


Click here or the above image to learn more or get this item today

This set of 4 Layered Brushes is designed to generate a variety Christmas garland from any path (Open shapes become garland, closed shapes become wreaths!). Styles include: plain garland, Lighted Garland, Pinecones & berries Garland and fully loaded garland (with all these together and bows. A cool detail is that the bows vary in rotation a little, but stay right side up no matter how the path turns or loops).

This set features Layered Brushes; This method packages multiple layers of brushes into a graphic style. In this case one problem with using regular pattern brushes is that the repeat would be obvious. Using layers of pattern brushes You can have control over the size, orientation and frequency of each of your elements. For example, if you don’t like the way the pinecones fall, you can re-randomize that layer. You can even add or remove elements in the appearance window. You don’t have to worry about how it works, you can just create a path and apply the layered brush to get a length of garland with a natural randomized look (No repeats). That’s why I think of layered brushes as ‘brushes on steroids’.

As a bonus, I’m including all The shapes assets I used for my testing phase that are shown in the preview image in all 4 styles as vector (live & expanded) and raster assets (High res). There are also straight lengths of each variety suitable for puppet warping in Photoshop.

Now go make that heart-shaped wreath, garland star or fireplace trim for your holiday project!

(‘Read Me’ Doc including installation instructions and User instruction included.)


Click Here for a discount as part of the Christmas Brush Bundle or click image above

Trouble using gift-cards outside of the US to by items on Envato

October 4, 2015

Here’s a situation I recently ran into with a customer. Here was her problem…

Question from XO2Craft: I’ve tried to use a gift card to download several of your styles but it Never works even when I tried to go thru PayPal. Is there another way to use a Visa gift card to purchase your styles other than Envato? I am told the reason I can’t use a gift card on Envato is because the type of gift card can not be used for purchases made from sites outside the US. Even if I go thru PP.

The solution we came up with was a work around. Since she couldn’t use her card in my store on Graphic River I posted the items in my new Etsy Store and Viola! Problem solved. So if you are drooling over any items and can’t get payment to work through Envato/Graphic River, just let me know and I’ll expedite getting that item into my new Etsy (I’ll even let you know when it’s up).

Click here to visit my Graphic River Store!

Click here to check out my Etsy Store. 

And of course there is a lot more cool stuff to check out here on

Free Multi-Strand Jewelry Necklace Graphic

October 1, 2015

A little Bling from Me to you!

Click here or on the image to go to the file now.

This is the necklace featured in my tutorial on how to create chain jewelry with brushes in adobe illustrator. It uses 3 of the 10 styles of chain jewelry in the brush set available here. (More about the set and instructional video below) Free for private and commercial uses. Not for resale. ©TradigitalArt 2015
MultiStrandNecklaceThis graphic is a transparent High resolution png. Get the brush set today to start creating your own jewelry creations in high detail scalable vector. If you don’t believe how easy it is to use, just watch the video below.

After toying with the ideas of training videos for years I’m excited to launch my first one!

The above tutorial focuses on how to use brushes like mine to create jewelry in Adobe Illustrator. It features my brush set available online and guides you through a fashion illustration job and explains more about what a pattern brush is, how to modify them and how to create your own bush variations.


Quickly and easily add chain jewelry to your characters, accessories or design elements with this dazzling set of Adobe illustrator brushes. (Click image or here to get) Ten styles of gold chain jewelry are included!

A multitude of different metals can easily be achieved by converting to grayscale and adjusting color balance! (Each chain has and ‘end cap’ to avoid having a ‘chopped off’ look on the ends).

Put more Bling in your Thing!

Also available in the Ladies Night Brush Bundle. Bundle and Save! (Click image or here to get)


What is the miter limit?

September 17, 2015

In adobe illustrator the miter limit is a key setting for stokes. Photoshop doesn’t have miter limits because photoshop doesn’t do mitered (sharp) corners. All strokes in photoshop are rounded.

When Miter Limits turn good art bad.

When Miter Limits turn good art bad.

Think of the corners on a picture frame; those are mitered. The trouble comes when the corner gets sharper and sharper. As the angle gets closer and closer to 180 degrees the sharp corner can shoot clear off the page! (as in the example above) One way to avoid this is using rounded corners; then miter limits aren’t an issue. What the limit does is tell adobe illustrator where to crop off the pointy corner. The smaller the limit allows for some sharp corners but saves you from the dramatic ones that shoot out into the stratosphere. Setting the limit to four seems to work well for most files.

Next time you get an art file with some crazy spikes coming out of it that look totally out if place, it’s probably a miter limit issue.

New Training Video on how to create Chain jewelry with Brushes In Adobe Illustrator!

September 14, 2015

After toying with the ideas of training videos for years I’m excited to launch my first one!

This tutorial focuses on how to use brushes to create jewelry in Adobe Illustrator. It features my brush set available online and guides you through a fashion illustration job and explains more about what a pattern brush is, how to modify them and how to create your own bush variations.


Why do my cut paths keep getting clipped on the Roland cutter?

September 5, 2015

When setting up production files for vinyl we used to be stumped on this one. Why do some cut paths get clipped? The bottom of a straight path or bottom of a curve often won’t cut leaving an annoying gap.

Here’s why. When the art set up in illustrator is imported into Roland it crops down to the art work size. If you are doing graphics with bleed on all sides it works fine, but if not or if you are setting up cut only files with no print you are in trouble because when it crops down it often crops into the cut paths and leaves areas that won’t cut.

The solution is simple always have bleed or in other words if you don’t have bleed on all four sides just throw a white box behind the art that is a little bigger than the cut paths. Make your art board match this size and presto, no more clipped cuts!


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