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Viewing Brushes

May 6, 2016

Viewing Brushes Window in Adobe IllustratorBrushes have their own ‘window’ in Adobe Illustrator called ‘Brushes’ panel called the Three easy ways to access your brushes. If not already showing in your tools you can open it from the ‘Window’ drop down or with the hot key ‘F5’. This is also where you can create new brushes.

-excerpt from the getting started section of the Guide to working with Pattern Brushes in Adobe Illustrator. Click here to get the full PDF training E Book.

Free Ebook on using Pattern Brushes

May 3, 2016


In this E-Book I’ve laid out my best tips, tricks, advice, and tutorials on using pattern brushes in Adobe Illustrator that i’ve picked up over the last 13 years. From my very first rope brush to today I’ve created hundreds and many more graphic styles and photoshop styles as well. Click Here to View and Download Now!

The guide starts with a ‘quick start Guide’ to get you up and running fast, followed by a ‘working with Photoshop’ section and closes with a lengthy ‘advanced techniques’ section. Below is a list of topics covered.

Quick Start Guide 1-3
Viewing Brushes   1
Loading & Saving Brushes   1
Parts of a Pattern Brush  2
Applying a Pattern Brush   2
Resizing a Brush   2
A Warning About Brushes   2
Scaling Objects with Brushes   3
Expanding a Brush   3

Working with Photoshop 4 – 5
Using AI Brushes in Photoshop   4
Create Paths for the Brushes   4
About Sending ‘Brushed’ Art to PS   4
Sending it to Photoshop   4
Anti-Alias or Non   4
Making Adjustments in PS   5
Edititng the Vector Object in Illustrator   5
Rasterizing the Brush   5
Adding Layer Eects & Filters   5

Advanced Techniques 6 – 14
Changing the Color of a Brush   6 – 8
Adjusting Color Balance   6
Changing Colorization Method   6
Duplicating A Brush   7
Global and Spot Colors   8
Changing the Direction of the Brush   9
Why are There Sometimes Gaps   9
Combatting the Gaps   9 – 11
Anti-Aliasing   10
Finishing Touches on Brushed Paths   11 – 12
In Front and Behind Trick   12 – 13
Brush Width Tool   13
Adding Effects   14
Closing Thoughts   14

V is for Valentine

April 19, 2016

Well, I ran late for the @36daysoftype challenge trying to figure out how to make submit an animation file instead of a static one. :^(  Here’s what I had worked up.



Featured Product: Valentine Card Graphic Styles. Check ’em out Here

U is for Underwater

April 18, 2016

My third day of the @36daysoftype Challenge.


Featured product: Angel Fish Adobe Illustrator Brushes! Get it Here:

This one was super fun! I love using this brush set. The letter ‘U’ is one path in the shape of a letter ‘U’ with the Graphic Style applied in Just one Click (The graphic style combines several brushes together to get the look of some being far and some being near). So satisfying to use! Also each time you apply the graphic style it randomly generates, so you can re-randomize by choosing a different graphic style, then reselecting the one you want and Bam, Bam, Bam it makes new ones (If you like an older one better, use undo to go back in time).


T is for Touchdown

April 16, 2016


Time for ‘T’ on 36daysoftype.

S is for Softball Brush (adobe illustrator)

April 15, 2016


I created this image for 36daysoftype. Today’s letter is ‘S’. I haven’t done one before. I ran across this cool typography collection on Instagram. I used my baseball/softball brushes and graphic styles set to create the effect, then heightened the background shading in Photoshop. I’ll put a link to check out the brush set below or Click Here


Baseball and Softball Brushes and Styles Pack for AI

Barb-Wire Brush Review [4 Stars!]

April 8, 2016

The great reviews are still rolling in! I love all this positive feedback.  :^D



This one is from kylelmartin! 4 out of 5 stars. I’m glad he mentioned compatibility, that’s something I strive to do well. All my items work down to CS5 and believe it or not, most of them work all the way down to AI10. Some elements in graphic styles won’t go down past CS5, like trying to use a pattern brush and a scatter brush in the same graphic style.

This Set is available for purchase here:



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