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Happy New Year from Tradigital Art!

December 23, 2015


2015 has been a good one and I’m looking forward to 2016, except for those new trend colors Pantone announced: rose quartz and serenity. Baby pink and baby purple. What’s up with that?

These sets will look great no matter what colors are trending. Above are just two of the great styles in this New Year’s Eve Graphic Style Set. The Spectacular full set has Seven Sensational Styles to help you bring in the New Year with a bang! They’re Great for New Year’s, Fourth of July, Birthday Party, Rave, Celebration, and all other spectacular Themes. The Styles are set up for 72 pt text and applied with Just one Click! Plus, all styles are easily modified from the appearance panel. Each element in the style can be adjusted, scaled, hidden, re-randomized, replaced or removed to make your own fun new creations.

They are great for Fliers, Web Graphics, Print Graphics, Ads, Sales, Posters, Logos, Primitive Shapes, Borders, Graphic Elements, Buttons and More.

• Graphic Style Install File
• Instructions Doc
• Highly Scalable Vector
• Sample File

Click here to buy the full set now :^)

A Christmas Song from Tradigital Art

December 21, 2015

Deck the halls with brushes of holly
Fa la la la la la la la la
They make decorating jolly
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Snow is falling by the barrel
Fa la la la la la la la la
This was done with brushes also
Fa la la la la la la la la.
See the blazing lights before us,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Brushes, yes, how did you guess it?
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Icicles for merry measure,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Made in seconds what a treasure,
Fa la la la la la la la la.

Faster ways to get your work done,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
So much power and so much fun!
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Sing we joyous all together,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Make designs even better,
Tra tra tra tra tra Tradigital Art!

Here’s more about the brushes in this illustration. Save more than 30% off buying them separately! These four amazing sets: Icicles, Big Christmas Lights, Holly Garland and Snowflakes use the power of the appearance panel to save multiple layers of brushes as incredible graphic styles.


  • Full 4 sets listed
  • ‘Read Me’ Docs with installation instructions and Tips
  • Sample Files
  • Lots of useful component brushes

A full vector file of the widow sample from the preview is also included!

Links and more about the individual sets below…


You can quickly add incredible detail to your wintery design by generating random icicles with these brushes. Turn your paths to strings of icicles with just one Click! This set of icicle Brushes comes with 5 frozen variations from big to small and few to many.


This Set features Four Festive Types of Lights: Big Bulbs with glow, Big Bulbs with no glow, Big Bulbs with holly and tube lighting. Tube lights are in Four colors: Red, Green, Blue and White. Big Christmas Lights Strands are given in the same colors and combinations of those colors: Red and White, Green and White, Blue and White, Tri-Color and Four color. All in all that adds up to 34 Layered Brushes!


This set of illustrator brushes includes four holly brush variations: Regular, Full, Loaded, and Very Berry. Assets used in testing are also included: straight length, arch, wreath, and rectangle. Simply select your shape or border and ‘Deck the Halls’ with one click!


This set of Snowflake Brushes comes with 4 frosty variations: ranging from a light dusting of fine flakes to a full on blizzard. More variations can also easily be made from the appearance panel: adding, removing, changing the scale and frequency of each element. The 5 Types of main Snowflakes used to create these brushes have also been included as vector assets.

You might also be interested in my other Christmas bundles…



Life will knock you down…

December 2, 2015
Get Back Up

Life will knock you down… Get back up. -Football University

American Football, so violent, so traumatic. The concussions, the injuries. How many blown knees, elbows? But if there is one thing football preaches and we listen to, it is this: Get Back Up! So we continue, putting lives on the line. For it is more than a game, it is Football.

Is it too Dangerous? Maybe. The kids start tackle football so young. We’ve told one of our sons no repeatedly. The risk of concussions definatly scares me. I thought my parents were paranoid when they wouldn’t let me play in junior high. One of my dad’s friends was seriously injured, I think. It sounds like a much sounder strategy now that I’m the dad. It will be interesting to see if my feelings change as my three boys move into 7th grade and beyond.

I‘d love to hear your thoughts, just leave a comment below or drop me a private line.

,Steven: Dad of three boys and maker of Adobe tools and graphics


BTW, I made this graphic with my new football letters and numbers set. All the stuff to create this and lots more is included. Check it out Here. Soooo fun to use!

Fantastic Football Brushes, Patterns & Graphics

December 1, 2015
Football Laces Brush and Style Set

Football Laces Brush and Styles Set

Football Helmet Graphic Set

Football Helmet Graphic Set

Football Football Pattern Background Set

Football Football Pattern Background Set

Sports Background Bundle

Sports Background Bundle

Football Pig Skin Pack

Football Pig Skin Pack

Football Letters and Numbers Set

Football Letters and Numbers Set

Got other favorites? Share below!


New Football Letters & Numbers Set

November 26, 2015

Score Big with this set of football Laces Letters and Numbers!

Tackle unique football themed graphics for NFL, college teams, peewee, powderpuff or anything in between. Say anything you like: words, player numbers team names, years, game dates, town names, slogans. These Super High Quality characters work great for T-shirts, web graphics, avatars, banners and more.


The files come in layered PSD, PNG (transparent BG) and JPG; All three master files are 4960px wide & 14400px high (Each Letter 1,400px tall). There is also a folder with each seperate letter and number as a transparent Png. There also an Extras folder with the football texture in brown and white & a sample file that I used to create the sample graphics.

*All characters in this set were lovingly created by hand (no font was used in the creation of these graphics). No vector assets are provided in this set.

Click here to get them now and score a Touchdown with your next football themed graphic!

If you are interested in creating even more fun football graphics, you might also Like: Football Lace Brush & Styles Set or Football Pattern Background Set.



How do you change the color of the rope brush? (Adobe Illustrator)

November 14, 2015

Change The Color Of Rope Brush AI

How do you change the color of the rope? I need more of a gold, like on a crown royal bag. Thanks. Other than that is great and easy to use. – ladyrider12

Great Question LR,

That’s a great idea for an item update too, multiple color breaks… I like it. This is already my best seller and that would make it even better. I find this process very fun.

In the meanwhile here is what you need to do. First off, You do not have to expand to do this. If you are familiar with the color balance in Photoshop this one works is a little more basic. I wish it was more like the PS one, but it still works well. Some color transformations are easier to do in CMYK some are easier in RGB. You may need copy the object to a new document and change color spaces, this change though will work in either so you can do it right in your file.

Select the object you want to recolor. This works in CMYK mode and RGB mode a little differently. Lets look at CMYK first. Go to Edit/ Edit Colors/ Adjust Color Balance…

Change Color Tut  Adjust Color Balance

This will bring up the ‘Adjust Colors’ panel. Make sure the adjust Options have the ‘Stroke’ checked and that ‘Preview’ is checked. Since my rope is brown we first need to take out all the blue by sliding the arrow to -100. This will make it kind of pink. Lessen the red to -30. then bump up the yellow to 46. The black should be fine. This should get you very close to your desired look, play with the sliders from here to get it just how you want it. Fun right? Man, now I want to make a bunch of colors.

Change Color to CMYK

Here’s the other thing I love, Illustrator automatically creates a new brush in the brushes window when you do this. See it there right below the original. I can now go over and rename it Gold Rope if i wanted. You can even save a new brush file with your custom colors! Sorry… geeking out on Adobe Illustrator just a bit.

Well That’ll do it, but let’s go ahead and look at the other color space. I was in CMYK, to switch go to File/Document Color Mode/ RGB

Change Color Mode

This will again bring up the ‘Adjust Colors’ panel. But this time we only have three color channels: Red, Blue and Green. I’m used to thinking in terms of CMYK color so this one is less intuitive to me, but even more fun. this panel has much more power to change colors in RGB mode. Try Red 18, Green 24 and Blue -12 as a starting point.

Change Color to RGB

Thanks for the question and the GREAT idea LR,

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Free Custom Football Spirit Graphics!

November 11, 2015

Show off your spirit with these FREE post season football Graphics from TradigitalArt! Here are a few samples I cooked up for our Sealy Tigers. If you leave a comment below with your school colors & what you want it to say, I’ll make one for your school with your message. These are high resolution graphics suitable for a wide variety of uses from Facebook Avatars to T-Shirts.

Click the Image to go to full size JPG file or right click to ‘download linked file’FootballLacesPreviewBlack&Gold



Here are the tools that I used to create them: Football Lace Brush & Styles Set to create the words and Football Pattern Background Set to Create the Background.





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